YouTube Experiencing Strange Errors

58 – It can take years to build up a good following on YouTube, so that special misstep would stimulate panic among some of the more popular places vloggers.

If you’re a YouTube creator who watched in horror on Wednesday as your subscriber tally suddenly dropped by thousands-if not hundreds of thousands- in a matter of hours, then don’t be alarmed.

Unless the quality of your videos has been particularly dire lately, or you did something to offend a large grub of your followers, the sudden supposed drop in partisans is actually due to such issues inside YouTube’s engine apReviewsartment.

In an strange turn of events that gained widespread attention on Wednesday, each time someone unsubscribed from a YouTube channel, the tally declined by not one user but two.

YouTube acknowledged all was not well in a tweet, had recognized that the interruption was first recognized at the beginning of this week.

“Yikes! Starting Monday, in some cases, we inadvertently started counting two unsubs for the cost of one. We’re working on a correct !” YouTube said in its Twitter letter.


With the tweet announced Wednesday and the correct still not in place, it’s likely there are a good number of very concerned authors out there pondering what on earth is going on.

YouTube confirmed in another tweet that alone consumers who unsubscribed from a canal would be unsubscribed, and that all the proper counts would show up again as soon as they found a action of squashing the fantastic glitch.

We’re aware! No subs are/”re lost”, “YouTube said. “It’s just the count that is incorrect.”

YouTubeThe issue gained wider attention when YouTube star PewDiePie, a chap who’s been banging on about issues with the video streaming monstrous for a while now, tweeted on Wednesday that every unsubscribe counted not as one, or even two, but as 100- a digit clearly disagreed by YouTube.

Nevertheless, PewDiePie, who has more than 52 million customers to his canal, temporarily “lost” a good number of them thanks to the error. A accumulation of real-time bars affixed by BlackScreenTV registered PewDiePie’s subscriber count drop by more than 150,000 in simply a couple of hours, while across the day it fell by more than half thousands and thousands of.

At the time of writing, the same live counter appears to suggest that the issue has been sorted, though for a while it no doubt had architects with gigantic followings thinking what it was they’d done to cause their fans to suddenly scarper.

Source : Digital Trends



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