Smanos UFO Smart Security Camera Review

Smanos UFO Smart Security Camera Review
Smanos UFO

The Micro SD-enabled UFO renders smart residence defense on a plan with no monthly storage rewards. The distinct layout and claims of 360-degree coverage rectified the Smanos UFO apart from its counterparts when it was announced at the end of 2016, so how does it accomplish? Here’s our Smanos UFO smart defense camera review.


Following an blowup of smart residence engineering a couple of years ago, there are presently a myriad of smart residence certificate cameras that give everything from 24/7 entering to a built-in siren to prevent invaders, and everything in between. The unique blueprint and claims of 360-degree coverage specified the Smanos UFO apart from its copies when it was announced at the end of 2016, so how does it play-act? Here’s our Smanos UFO smart certificate camera.


So, how much is the Smanos UFO in the UK, and where can you get your hands on it? First off, the Smanos UFO will prepare buyers back £149 in the UK, a preferably standard price for a 1080 p night vision-enabled smart home protection camera without all the bells and whistles of high-end alternatives (built-in alarm, etc). It’s similar in premium to the likes of the Logi Circle, Netgear Arlo Q and the Canary smart camera.
In calls of accessibility, despite being announced back in October 2016 and having an official UK price tag, the Smanos UFO is yet to reach stores in the UK. We’ll update this section once the Smanos UFO becomes available to buy in the UK.


So, what obligates the Smanos UFO stand out in terms of its design and improve? Exactly by looking at the camera, you can easily tell that it renders something unique compared to other smart security cameras on the market. While most smart security cameras boast a same layout, the Smanos UFO, as the specify suggests, gazes quite like a stereotypical UFO you investigate conspiracy theorists screaming about (but don’t worry, it won’t kidnap your livestock).

The Smanos UFO is circular and relatively flat as it was designed not to sit on a rack or counter, but to be attached instantly to walls and ceilings whilst plying a low profile. The last act you need is a bulky camera hanging from your front room ceiling, right? It’s small and unassuming measuring in at 106 x 106 x 36 mm, necessitating you can invest it and forget that it’s there until it’s needed.

Smanos UFO Smart Security Camera Review

The benefit of fastening the UFO to the ceiling is that it can provide a 360-degree view of the room below, although this isn’t 360-degree viewing in the sense that it’ll evidence both the front-end and back of the camera. It’s something we’ll move into a little more detail below. Nonetheless, the ceiling attach likewise performs the UFO less likely to be recognize by burglars, as it’s not at eye-level like many others are.

One see piece is the inclusion of LEDs around the outer boundary of the UFO. Why? The main purpose of the LEDs is to provide status modernizes to the user as the camera had not yet been spectacle. It boasts running blueprints, letting you know when the camera loses connection to Wi-Fi, whenever somebody is watching the live brook, etc. But if that announces more disturbing for you, don’t worry, as there’s an option to disable the use of LEDs from within the Smanos Home app for iOS and Android.


The Smanos UFO boasts a full HD (1080 p) camera with a fisheye lens that Smanos claims is “surveillance-grade” although that reverberates more like a marketing term rather than a ratify of quality. While there have been that being said, the image caliber produced by the UFO is fairly superb and we examine no distortion due to the use of a lens (with a tell-tale ratify being chromatic aberration around the edges of the image) and the included night vision supports relatively clear portraits, even in a dark environment.

You can goal the camera torrent via the Smanos Home app available for iOS and Android, although, rather strangely, there’s no entanglement portal for those that don’t have access to iOS or Android. With it being a somewhat standard facet amongst smart certificate cameras, we’re somewhat startled that it isn’t offered with the UFO.

Smanos UFO Smart Security Camera Review

Within the app, useds are presented with three thoughts to choose from- birds-eye, panoramic and quad-view. Birds-eye provides users with the standard fish-eye lens idea and is principle for when the UFO is attached to a ceiling as it leaves no blind spot, while panorama provides users with a very standard idea for home protection cameras and is best squandered when the camera is stood upright. The quad-view allows you to focus the camera on four parts of the room in one single idea, more like a usual protection setup (albeit from one single camera). The one drawback of the quad-view procedure is that the individual thoughts cannot be nipped on a per-user basis, with Smanos applying a’ one size fits all’ approach.

Users can also put together motion identification from within the Smanos Home app, and specify epoches when it’s active – you don’t want to be notified about move when you’re at home with your family, do you? You can also specify the sensitive nature of the motion identification, with the option to choose between three interval fixes-medium, near and far. Then, if you are notified of motion, you can use the two-way talk organisation to speak to whoever is in the room, from family members to your pet dog.

Smanos UFO Smart Security Camera Review

So, let’s talk about the 360-degree coverage because it isn’t like 360 -degree cameras available for VR devotees and doesn’t peculiarity both front-and rear-facing cameras. In standard expressions, it offers a 180 -degree field of view as you can’t see behind or above it for true 360-degree coverage. It works well in ceiling state because the camera offers something close to 360-degree coverage as you don’t need to see behind it, simply in front of it. Get it? While it’s technically 360-degrees, it’s also not at the same season. Confusing stuff.

The Smanos UFO is one of very little smart insurance cameras on the market that give neighbourhood storage via MicroSD card. This is necessary that unlike with the majority smart insurance cameras, you don’t need to pay a monthly reward for the cloud-based storage which, depending on the manufacturer, can be over £20 a few months on top of the upfront reward for the camera. Cloud storage does have welfares, like footage being secure if the camera is divulge or destroyed by an burglar, but customers don’t like to pay monthly rewards for a service that countless believe should be included in the upfront cost of the camera. The Smanos UFO subscribes MicroSD cards up to 32 GB, with the camera automatically rewriting old-time footage as it get along.
Smanos assertions it’ll also give a paid cloud-based storage mixture, although details of which are yet to be announced.

Smanos UFO Smart Security Camera Review

However, there is one preferably lethal issue with the Smanos UFO who are able to reverse all the hard work by the company- connectivity issues. During our times testing the Smanos UFO, there used to be parties where we simply could not connect to the live torrent despite the app claiming it was connected to the camera. We’d tap play to enable the live torrent and it’s exactly sit here leading until the app gate-crashed around a time afterward. We’ve tried force-quitting the app, restarting our iPhones and toggling the camera on and off remotely, all without success. In fact, we can’t quite work out what the questions is as the majority of members of the time, it comes back online by itself.

We got into contact with Smanos about the connectivity issues, and the company reassured us that the issues were temporary and should be fixed within the next couple of weeks via a firmware upgrade. We’ll remain testing the camera over the next couple of weeks and remain you updated on our experience.


  • Full HD 1080p
  • 180-degree horizontal view, 180-degree vertical view
  • Night vision
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Micro-SD card slot
  • 106 x 106 x 36mm


The Smanos UFO may not be the sleekest smart certificate camera on the market, but it’s perfect for wall and ceiling connects with its low-profile blueprint. While “theres been” other cameras on the market that offer slicker app interfaces for a similar premium, the ability to host your storage locally via microSD along with optional paid cloud backup (be forthcoming) is specific to a small few of smart certificate cameras on the market. If you don’t want to pay out for monthly storage costs and miss 24/7 preserving abilities on a plan, the Smanos UFO is a decent option.


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