REVIEW Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbar – Stellar, Colorful Audio

Sound BlasterX Katana-

Around 2 weeks ago, Imaginative Labs moved us a gaming-focused soundbar dubbed the Sound BlasterX Katana. I’ve consumed it forever since then across various recreations and pulpits.

The result? This event rocks.

Before you sound the Katana, you see it. Creative Labs built this speaker with LED flames on its locate, and they radiate onto the surface of whatever it’s resting on. You can tweak them to expose a solid pigment, a wave of pigment or a rainbow.

The light show is completely programmable, and it works incredibly well when paired with a gaming PC.

The housing itself is very slick when you consider the beastly factors within. The Katana itself lives two midbass moves at 2.5 ” that target audio up and two 1.3 ” tweeters parting straight out. Now, what’s interesting about the direction and frequency of these four loudspeakers is that there’s no real excellent center for listening.

In fact, the Katana sounds very well prepared from all over the area, booming with remarkable bass and mids and high-priceds that are clear, sharp-witted and reverberating. The plan carries three sift amps, one for the mids, one for the high-priceds and one for that subwoofer. It’s sizable, and it frames out a lot of hard hubbub without fuss or rattle.

It’s one of the best orators I’ve be useful for gaming, and I had it smashing resound through my part move with The Last-place Guardian. I couldn’t have asked for a better join, as the speaker boomed and pealed as the barbarian in the game plodded behind me.

Gaming at night? No sweat. There’s a light procedure that you are able to switch on to cut the bass and keep the high-pitched and mids. It’s not as rich, but it works well and still displays huge resound. If you have headphones, you are able to push those into the soundbar, very.

Will this soundbar work with my PC?

Yes! It will. Just like anything with standard audio inputs, the Katana works with PCs. It works with Bluetooth-enabled inventions, very, so you can connect your phone to it for music.

It even works with Artistic Labs’ Sound BlasterX software for tweaking sound decideds. It sounds great here, very.

I’m just not sure most kinfolks will want to use it for PC gaming. The soundbar moves up a lot of gap on my prodigious desktop, so I can’t imagine those with gap restrictions will find this to their prejudice.

If you have the chamber and don’t mind the additional substance on your counter, the Katana is a charm with PC. It’s big, but it’s worth it.

The Sound BlasterX Katana is pricey but worth it.

At $ 299, the Sound BlasterX Katana is one of the more expensive options in the soundbar category, if you’re store on a budget. You can definitely deplete more on higher discontinue stuff, but I’ll give that the Katana is more economical than those outputs and just as capable.

Pricey when is comparable to most soundbars? Sure, but it’s cheaper than the top concoctions it vies with, and you’ll get a marriage of sound character and affordability that’s pretty magnificent.

This has find a residence immediately below my TV, and it will accompany me into the far future of gaming on the sofa, and that, as an audiophile, attains me fortunate.

What you should know before you buy is that this thing doesn’t come with audio cables. You will need to snag some visual or 3.5 mm audio fronts if you want to run audio from a console to the unit. If you’re going with PC, the USB slit will work.

Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbar


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