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38 – Get info about online the programmes degree in robotics. Read about curriculum the needs and trend topics, as well as profession and continuing training alternatives to make an informed decision.

Essential Information

Due to the nature of the subject, robotics degree online curricula can’t be offered absolutely through online analyze. However, countless class render hybrid associate’s degree curricula that compound online trends with on-campus castes. These castes allow students to get the hands-on engineering knowledge they need in order to obtain expertise in the fields of robotics. Some degree curricula also require that students learn through internships. Students can access online castes as their planneds let. A specific computer example may be required. Same curricula that are offered fully online include computer science associate’s grade curricula. These curricula teach students about numerous programming languages, software and networking.

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Associate’s Degree in Robotics

Because robotics degree online learning require the use of highly technical and expensive gear, many degree programs are campus-based. However, some schools volunteer hybrid formats that allow students to accomplish a portion of their coursework online. Robotics tracks at the associate’s rank address topics like soldering, circuits, electrostatic accomplish and drive arrangements. Referred the sectors of contemplate include electrical and mechanical engineering as well as computer science.


A computer with Internet access is required for all online directions. Some academies also require students to acquire specific computer representations. Streaming video and audio employments are typically used by teachers to deliver each reading. Although the majority of members of class work is completed online, some directions necessary on-campus appearance as well as a field-based internship. An associate’s magnitude program in robotics can be completed in 2 or 3 years, depending on a student’s enrollment status.

Course Topics

Some robotics associate’s platforms have general education requirements, like psychology and communications. Chides and track readings are often stored on a school’s primary server, standing students to access track material at their convenience.

Digital Electronics

This course acts as an introduced by digital electronic speculation and employment. Students discuss digital circuitry, logic gates and binary code.

AC and DC Circuits

Students examine the basic concepts behind direct current and alternating current. Topics include magnetic force, tour resist and transformers.

Career Information

Recipients of an associate’s unit in robotics obtain positions as electrical or mechanical technicians. As of 2015, an electric technician made a median salary of $61,130 per year, while mechanical technicians given $53,910 per year, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS notes further that the electrical technician environment is expected to deteriorate 2% between 2014 and 2024, while mechanical technician employment is projected to grow 2% in the same time period

Continuing Education Information

Some alumnus of robotics associate’s planneds haunt a bachelor’s degree in robotics or electrical engineering. Postbaccalaureate magnitudes in robotics and related matter are also popular, including “robotics degree online” in artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering and electronic engineering. Devoted the cost of equipment and the necessity for hands-on grooming, bachelor’s and master’s programs are primarily campus-based.

Hybrid robotics associate’s degree planneds generally have directions such as electromechanical works, DC and AC circuits and digital electronics. Graduates may become electrical or mechanical technicians, and further education is available on-campus at the bachelor’s and undergraduate degree levels.

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