Mercedes-Benz the Car Into a Health-Driven Vehicle

Mercedes Benz the Car Into a Health Driven Vehicle
Mercedes Benz the Car Into a Health Driven Vehicle

At this year’s CES, Mercedes launched a fascinating brand-new perception for road safety involving wearables, ambient illuminate and scented air. – The Mercedes’ Fit and Healthy’ system, built in partnership with Daimler AG and Philips, is an issue of maintaining motorists safe, alert, and healthy, and will start appearing in the new S-Class this year.

The initiative, which is made of several parts, will include making data regarding wearable machines and sensors in the car to give the system know how the motorist is ardour. It could also utilization a combination of ambient lighting, scented air and chair rubbing to wake you up when you get in the car for your morning commute.

“To get it medically right we worked with people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to the human body, “remarked Mercedes-Benz divisional members of the security council Ola Kallenius, according to Wheels.” We made the engineers along with medical doctors.”

Mercedes is also considering drivers of commercial vehicles, and is working on a vest that will observe the wearer’s vital signs to help prevent heart attacks.

Overall the idea is to reduce coincidences by continuing drivers alert at the motor and staving off the negative effects of sitting for too long. This would also include urging you to change accommodating orientation, exerting the seat massagers, so that no part of your person abides still for too long.

Although the S-Class will see some of these features come in afterward this year, Mercedes mentions it also has plans to introduce them into the next generation A-Class, symbolizing a lot of people may soon start collecting the benefits of this in-car health push.



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