How To Safely Disconnect The Car Battery

how to disconnect car battery
how to disconnect car battery – When doing electrical work for your car, you are usually required to repeal the first artillery. This short article will explain how to disconnect car battery and reconnect the car battery. Disclaimer always check your manufacturer’s handbook for education to excavate and remove any conflicting artillery for the car. rubber gloves may be useful for preventing and grease, oil or electrical triggers during this exercise. If you are worried at all about the methods used do not hesitate to contact the auto mechanic to help you.

how to disconnect car battery?
Follow the instructions below:

Locate the battery

You should find the artillery is a rectangular carton under the bonnet of your gondola. However, countless newer cars now have a cover for the artillery (with a artillery represent on top of it) which you will have to slip off or lift up to locate the terminals. If you’re finding it difficult to locate the artillery, try speaking your handbook for the right location.

Determine the positive and negative terminals / ground

Next it was the right idea to find the positive and negative terminals. To the positive terminal will have a ‘+’ sign on it and has a negative terminal ‘-‘ symbol. Sometimes you can also find positives have cable color red and blue color negatives but please check your user guide for this is different.

Negative first

It’s important to unplug the negative side of the battery firstly, otherwise you can cause an electric short if the positive is removed firstly. For speciman, if you accidentally plunge a spanner on the positive terminal and the spanner touches anything else that’s metal on the car you’ll create a route and short-change the battery, or even worse give yourself an electrical shock. To remove the negative cable, loosen the connector and carefully wiggle the fasten off the terminal. Next withdraw existing positive connector in the same way. Handy tip- to prevent the connectors touching anything else on the car whilst they’re disconnected, get a plastic bind or similar and fix them to something which keeps them out of the behavior and not touching anything metal!

Reconnecting the car battery – positive first

Once you’re finished with the electrical work on your automobile, you can go ahead and replace the connectors back on to the terminals. Offset sure you start the mode you finished, reconnecting the positive terminal first and then the negative afterwards to prevent short circuits. Propagandize the connector back on and give it a good wiggle to ensure you have a snug fit. Try to prevent stroking any other metal work on the car with the negative connector. You may notice a small trigger when reconnecting the negative terminal, but this is normal and shouldn’t is very dangerous. You are simply starting the electrical circuit again in the car.

Cover the battery and close the bonnet

All that’s left now you’ve reconnected the battery is to change any battery comprise( s) you removed at the beginning and then close your bonnet. Hopefully the electrical wreak you’ve carried out has been a success! If you find you haven’t got any electrical power, check the terminals are clean-living and free from dirt and then try again. Neglecting that, you may have short-change the battery if you touched the negative terminal on any of the car’s metal work.



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