ELLiQ Is a Robot Assistant For The Elderly

ELLiQ Is a Robot Assistant

ELLiQ Is a Smart robot will help keep them engaged with the world

reviewtechno.net – An aging population presents new opportunities for tech companies, and one of the most recent to target the elderly is a robot personal assistant announced ElliQ.

ElliQ was built by Israeli startup Intuition Robotics and is designed to help elderly people remain active, participated in the outside life and in contact with family members or friends. The ElliQ robot parts like Alexa or Google Home, while a small tablet next to it requires a visual interface for concepts like video announces

ELLiQ Is a Robot Assistant

ElliQ will remind users of occurrences in their diary, or when it’s time to take medication, while at the same time suggesting pleasures like exercises or podcasts to listen to. In the video below we’re pictured ElliQ telling Mary about a brand-new Ted video talk before suggesting she goes for a path. We likewise learn a call with Mary’s daughter, who’s able to remotely mention the members of this house temperature.

What’s particularly mesmerizing about ElliQ is the way the robot’s thought and torso are designed to move with almost human-like mobility, abusing modest signalings and gesticulates to contribute it a more friendly demeanor.

“We like to think of her as target communication coordinator, target facilitator of lifetime learning and target overseer,” Dor Skuler, CEO and the founding fathers of Intuition Robotics, told VentureBeat. “She’s easy to talk to, intuitive to insure, and understands her proprietor.”

It all ogles and sounds great, but whether the finished product will live up to the concept remains to be determined. There’s no word on when ElliQ might be available or how much it might expense, but you can put your figure on a waiting list on Intuition Robotics’ website right now.

If it lives up to the promise, this could be a genuinely encouraging aide for the elderly. But we kind of ask one unusually.



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