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reviewtechno.net – Windows Phone is the third choice of portable operating system behind iOS/ iPhone and Android. It’s Microsoft’s portable edition of Windows peculiarity colorful live tiles on the Start Screen. The current edition is Windows Phone 8.1 but there’s another edition here in the form of Windows 10 (not Windows Phone 10). Only certain simulates will be upgradeable, so make sure you choose carefully if you don’t want to be stuck on an elderly edition.

Windows Phone 8.1 has lots of decent features including the personal assistant Cortana. The vast majority of handsets are now branded as Microsoft Lumia, as Nokia is no longer owned by Microsoft. The software monstrous is truly the only Windows Phone device maker and makes up our entire schedule but even then its future is somewhat up in the air. Too see: Best resonating phone 2017.

Windows 10 includes facets such as Continuum representing you can use the phone on a larger display with a PC-like ordeal including the ability to control it with a mouse an keyboard. Key to this are Universal Apps which are app which design the same across any Windows device- PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

There are some good phones available and they are typically cheaper than Android adversaries, although the budgetary resources phone grocery has changed a lot even in the last year. See also: Best plan smartphones 2017.

Performance of Windows Phones are generally good and you’ll normally get a good screen and sensible cameras too. However, the OS is still behind competitors on apps so make sure you can get everything this is necessary- particularly for third party hardware like multi-room speakers and the like- before taking the submerge.

Here we’ve collected and ranked the best smartphones racing Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 which you can buy right now. We inspected some of these handsets last year but they are still available now. You’ll notice that the register is basically the best Lumia phones since Microsoft’s partners on Windows Phone have stopped becoming maneuvers- this might change with Windows 10 though.

Best Windows Phones 2017

1. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

  • Reviewed on: 8 December 15Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
  • RRP: £529 inc VAT
  • Compare: all Microsoft Lumia 950 XL bargains

The Lumia 950 XL is an alluring phone for those go looking for Windows productivity thanks to pieces like Continuum and Universal Apps. It’s a great deal at the moment with the free Display Dock but he phone itself has nothing major going for it on the design front and simply furnishes a bigger screen and somewhat better processor than the regular representation. Overall, we’re not blown away with Windows 10 on telephones with its bugs and shortcoming of apps but it is gonna be a solid pick for some.

2. Microsoft Lumia 950

  • Reviewed on: 26 January 16Microsoft Lumia 950
  • RRP: £449 inc VAT
  • Compare: all Microsoft Lumia 950 agreements

Windows 10 has arrived on smartphones and we’re not exactly blown away. Loyal Windows and Windows Phone users will appreciate boasts like Universal Apps and while Continuum appears to be a real wow boasts, it requires a lot of additional paraphernalium. The OS is buggy, too. The Lumia 950 itself offers some decent equipment, namely the screen, inside an uninspiring intend. Unless you’re set on the OS, there is a lot better on the market and for less money.

3. Nokia Lumia 930

  • Reviewed on: 22 July 14Nokia Lumia 930
  • RRP: £435 inc VAT

The Lumia 930 is a step in the right direction with its semi-metal layout and reasonable equipment line-up. We like the screen and camera but it’s needing added the characteristics and doesn’t have expandable storage. Windows Phone 8.1 hugely improves happenings on the application surface but the stage is still not a priority for developers- especially when it comes to third-party equipment.

4. Microsoft Lumia 650

  • Reviewed on: 19 April 16Microsoft Lumia 650
  • RRP: £149. 99
  • Buy from Microsoft

The Microsoft Lumia 650 is a lightweight, well-built telephone that offers a removable battery and Windows 10 Mobile. Nonetheless, the phone lacks the performance influence and software foundation that business users and power-users will implore. With no Microsoft Windows Continuum and a cripple Snapdragon 212 chipset which restraint fluidity, camera achievement and display output resolution, we can’t see why anyone would purchase the Lumia 650 over a cheaper and better playing Android telephone.

5. Nokia Lumia 735

  • Reviewed on: 16 October 14Nokia Lumia 735
  • RRP: £189 inc. VAT

The most amusing Nokia on the market, the Lumia 735 really is an ideal smartphone for selfies. At precisely £189 we are in a position scene many a teenage girlfriend- and boy- computing this great-value Windows Phone to their Christmas list. Rendered the low-toned- to mid-range toll its performance is ample, and we realize the extras such as microSD substantiate, Qi wireless blaming and 4G LTE. We precisely hope the Lumia Denim update fires up that camera a bit quicker.

6. Microsoft Lumia 435

  • Reviewed on: 19 March 15Microsoft Lumia 435
  • RRP: £59. 95

The Microsoft Lumia 435 is the best phone you can buy under £50, even approving the tired old Windows Phone apps argument. Bottom of Microsoft’s line-up and exactly £49. 99 on PAYG it’s by no means a great phone, but for first-time or light-colored customers it cleans the floor with similarly priced Android phones (and iOS at this toll place is just a pipe dream-or a ordeal, but whichever way you look at it, it’s not going to happen). Unlike the more expensive Lumia 535, Microsoft has confirmed that the Lumia 435 will get Windows 10 when it is liberated subsequently this year, which will make this the cheapest introduction place for a Windows 10 computer, and that alone realizes it well worth a search.

7. Microsoft Lumia 640

  • Reviewed on: 14 May 15Microsoft Lumia 640
  • RRP: From £13. 50 per month, £109. 99 PAYG or £129. 99 SIM-free

The Microsoft Lumia 640 is a honorable modernize over the Lumia 630 and this Windows Phone now presents very good value for coin. This is the Moto G of the Windows world, with a near-identical spec and a £20 lower price tag. Which phone you choose will come down to your application preferences- numerous customers will be happy with Windows Phone, but if third-party apps piece heavily on your wishlist you may find that extra £20 for the Moto G coin well spent.

8. Microsoft Lumia 535

  • Reviewed on: 3 March 15Microsoft Lumia 535
  • RRP: £99. 99 inc VAT

We’re supporters of Windows Phone 8.1 but the Lumia 535 endangers in too many areas to make it a agreement at £100. You’re better off with a Motorola Moto E or-if you miss 4G-the EE Kestrel.

9. Microsoft Lumia 830

  • Reviewed on: 22 December 14Microsoft Lumia 830
  • RRP: £319 inc. VAT

There’s nothing shockingly erroneous with the Lumia 830, but it does feel like a slight opening lost. It is a passable musician, with a not-great camera. But it is well priced, delicately built and stylish. Better value can be found by discontinuing down to the Lumia 630, but if you demand a 5in Windows phone this is a nice alternative.

10. Nokia Lumia 1320

  • Reviewed on: 11 April 14Nokia Lumia 1320
  • RRP: £238 inc VAT SIM-free

With’ okay’ accomplishment and a good but not enormous screen, the Lumia 1320 still offers good value for money. It’s certainly not the best handset on the market, but if you crave a Windows Phone with a big screen, and you can’t or don’t want to unfold up to the faster 1520, you won’t regret buying the Lumia 1320. The camera is basic and the storage limited, but the battery life is brilliant.




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